What is MICATHERMIC Heating Element ?
  Micathermic Heating Element is a sheet of heating element that is made use of mineral "Mica" associated with other elements. To take advantage of mica mineral, this kind of heating element can supply 99% heat to the air instantly with its thinnest profile down to 0.5mm. The main reason is that mica has wide ranges of properties such as electrical and mechanical strength, high temperature stability, excellent cleavage into the thinnest desired film, etc. In other words, Micathermic Heating Element can be used in the field of industrial and household applications.
  The Advantages of Micathermic Heating Element
  (1) Fast heat up in large surface area
(2) No Overheating
(3) No Combustion Oxygen
(4) No Dehumidifying
(5) Thin Profile and Light weight
(6) Easy to install
(7) Low cost